Truthwork, the Writing Process & Dealing with Grief

We all will experience death in our lives. It is an undeniable and unfortunate fact of living. These experiences can feel especially emotionally potent if you are creative in any way.

So, how does grief influence you during your creative processes? How does anxiety and/or depression impact the way you write or draw or paint or sing?

My grief (and subsequent depression and anxiety) is strongly connected to my mother and our relationship before and since she has passed. If you read a lot of my poetry, you’ll find that I explore this relationship a lot. And most of the time, grief just keeps me down. Depression keeps me from living. Anxiety keeps me from telling the truth in my writing.

And this is my way to try and stop that for good.

Every emotion we feel, every experience we have is meaningful. Because if we allow ourselves to truly feel the experience, (to live in it, not just through it), we create the ability to connect more strongly to ourselves and to others. We develop the ability to empathize and recognize these emotions in others in order to advocate and support the people around us through highs and lows.

So, I’m not only embracing grief, anxiety and depression, but I’m also sharing it here. To make those important connections. And to help support others who are going through the same things.

To end, here’s a reflective piece I wrote about grieving the loss of my mother and how it has affected me personally. If it resonates with you, tell me how! Let’s start a dialogue. Here goes:

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