I think in all of this, I see a common theme of disconnection.

Disconnection from the truths about commitment and marriage (and perhaps, the deeper truths about yourself and the person you intend to marry); disconnection from the reality of wealth (which to me, seems more of a burden than a luxury); and disconnection from the self (in the sense that people may often avoid doing the things they need and/or love to do in search of something…other. What that other is, I’ve still yet to figure out as a constant procrastinator.)

An honest question to ask here is: how do we find real connection to the things that attract us in life? And by connection, I suppose I mean something that connects to you in a deep and meaningful way, as opposed to something fleeting and ephemeral. An easy question to ask, but very difficult to answer.

Writer, book nerd and music & singing lover. Find my first poetry eBook, “I Was I” on Amazon Kindle (amzn.to/2Tp723z).

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